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car-locksmithIt’s happened to all of us, and it will always happen at the worst possible time.  So when you experience a lockout, don’t panic.  Spend 2-3 minutes being sure that you are, indeed, locked out — that no doors will open, there’s no way in through the trunk or rear door, and no spare key is accessible.

If that’s the case, don’t worry.

Just call (732) 240-6333 and explain your situation.  If you need to wait indoors nearby, just let us know where you’ll be.  We’ll even give you a rough estimate of the cost right over the phone.

And best of all, we’ll be there quickly and get you back behind the wheel in minutes.

We know it’s a hassle, and we know you’ve got more important things in your life — so don’t waste time or damage your vehicle by trying to break in yourself.  Give us a call.  We’ll make the hassle go away and get you back to the things that matter.

We like saving the day for you!